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KATANA Password Recovery

Chrome Browser
Firefox Browser
Edge Browser
Brave Browser
Internet Explorer Browser
Comodo Dragon Browser
PaleMoon Browser
Waterfox Browser
Opera Browser
Opera Neon Browser
Chromodo Browser
Epic Browser
Atom Browser
360 Browser
Awast Browser
UC Browser
Orbitum Browser
SlimJet Browser
Vivaldi Browser
Sputnik Browser
CocCoc Browser

Process Protection


Rootkit (Ring 3)

Hidden Files
Hidden Directory
Hidden Scheduled Task
Hidden Process
Hidden Registry keys & values
Hidden Services
Hidden TCP & UDP connections

Remote HVNC

HVNC Clone Profile
Hidden Desktop
Hidden Browsers:
Hidden Chrome Browser
Hidden Firefox Browser
Hidden Edge Browser
Hidden Brave Browser
Hidden Internet Explorer Browser
Hidden Comodo Dragon Browser
Hidden PaleMoon Browser
Hidden Waterfox Browser
Hidden Opera Browser
Hidden Opera Neon Browser
Hidden Chromodo Browser
Hidden Epic Browser
Hidden Atom Browser
Hidden 360 Browser
Hidden Awast Browser
Hidden UC Browser
Hidden Orbitum Browser
Hidden SlimJet Browser
Hidden Vivaldi Browser
Hidden Sputnik Browser
Hidden CocCoc Browser
Hidden Explorer

Remote Hidden RDP

Hrdp Browsers Supported

Hrdp Copy Profile
Hrdp Browsers:
Hrdp Chrome
Hrdp Firefox
Hrdp Edge
Hrdp Brave
Hrdp Comodo
Hrdp PaleMoon
Hrdp Waterfox
Hrdp Opera
Hrdp Opera Neon

Hrdp Wallets Supported

Hrdp ArmoryQt
Hrdp Coinomi
Hrdp Atomic
Hrdp Exodus
Hrdp Electrum
Hrdp Jaxx

Remote Fun

Monitor on/off
Open/close CD
Show/Hide taskbar
Show/Hide Start Button
Show/Hide Explorer
Show/Hide Clock
Show/Hide Tray
Show/Hide Mouse
Enable/Disable Task Manager
Enable/Disable Regedit
Disable UAC

Remote Recovery

All Google chrome based browsers recovery
All Mozilla firefox based browsers recovery
Internet explorer Recovery Keylloger

Recover and Send All logs to discord WebHook

Builder Features

Obfuscate Stub
Change client name
Enable install
Anti kill
Disable windows defender
Hide file
Hide folder
Enable start up/persistence
Change startup registry name
IP/DNS/No ip
Multiport Support
Encrypted connection
Change reconnect time
Change assembly clone/random
Change icon

Remote System

Remote shell
Remote desktop
Remote camera
Registry Editor
File management
Process management
Network Connections
Remote recording
Process notification
Send file
Inject file
Download and Execute
Execute .reg
Execute .bat
Execute .vbs
Send notification
Chat Room
Open website
Keylog Viewer
Disable Windows Defender
Disable UAC
Password recovery
Bypass Uac
Get computer information
Task on connection
Process protection
Install with schtasks


Pastebin Uploader
Spam Tools


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